By Lois Weiss

Explosive affidavits filed with lawsuits in Georgia and Michigan by attorney Sydney Powell claim voting data was manipulated in key states using software developed by U.S. Intelligence to transfer votes from President Trump to former-Vice President Biden – and some of the interference may have come from those in Iran and China.

Cyber security expert, Dr. Navid Keshavarz-Nia explained in his declaration filed in both states that US intelligence services had developed these tools, including software known as “Hammer” and “Scorecard,” to infiltrate foreign voting systems, including Dominion and ES&S, the companies used in many jurisdictions.

“The Hammer and Scorecard capabilities are tradecrafts used by US intelligence analysts to conduct MITM [Man in The Middle] attacks on foreign voting systems, including the Dominion Voting System (DVS) Democracy Suite and [Election] Systems and Software (ES&S) voting machines without leaving an electronic fingerprint,” he stated.

Since Dominion’s software is allegedly vulnerable to data manipulation by unauthorized means, it permitted election data to be altered in all battleground states, the lawsuit asserts.  

“In my view, the evidence is overwhelming and incontrovertible,” Keshavarz-Nia  states.

In a lengthy press release, Dominion denied all charges and claimed the system can’t be manipulated, despite its own user manuals showing how votes can be changed or deleted.  It also stated it “has no ties to the Venezuelan government, nor any other foreign government, including China and Iran.”

USB memory cards, possibly holding cryptographic keys, had been stolen from Dominion both in 2019 and in August 2020, although the company has denied key information was on the USB cards.

According to Keshavarz-Nia, election night results reported by the counties and states were forwarded to Scytl/SOE Software servers located in Frankfurt, Germany. He alleges the “manipulated votes” were inserted prior to forwarding the tallied results to the Scytl/eClarity Software Electronic Night Reporting (ENR) system.

“The reason election data are forwarded overseas is to avoid detection and monitoring by the USIC [US Intelligence Community] to obfuscate the MITM,” the doctor’s declaration explained. Dominion has denied having servers in Germany and its contracts require the servers to be within the United States.

In another declaration, a military intelligence analyst expert, whose name has been redacted, noted the data feeds were easily hacked and displayed numerous Dominion employee passwords. He allegedly found the data feeds were accessed and connected to other servers, including those in Iran and China. Dominion is also known to have used Serbian programmers.

Dominion says, “There were no “data breaches” of Dominion software by anyone, let alone rogue foreign actors.”

Independent hackers and researchers looking at anomalies have been able to access and download the election night voting information from the New York Times websites, which was supplied to it and other news organizations by Edison Research.

These investigators have reported voter patterns and spikes in data that are unusual and “defy logic.”

As to Georgia, Dominion admits, “Human errors did occur in some counties but were resolved quickly by county officials before the canvass process.”

A “deeper search” of the ownership of Edison Research and “,” by the cyber warfare expert showed a connection to BMA Capital Management, a Pakistani-based investment firm that has ties to a Pakistani-Iranian investment fund and is alleged to have provided capital to Iran.

The expert claimed that Dominion sold patents to the Chinese through a Canadian branch of HSBC bank – but this may merely be a loan backed by the patents. However, he showed Dominion had domains registered in China – whether or not the company is aware of these registrations.

That expert also found “scorecard” was being used as a subdomain by “Indivisible (formerly ACORN) political group for Obama.”

Keshavarz-Nia alleges that “hundreds of thousands of votes that were cast for President Trump in the 2020 general election were transferred to former Vice-President Biden.”

This conclusion is being researched and litigated in many states and so far, Vice President Biden has not been certified by the Electoral College.  


Michigan lawsuit: King vs. Whitmer

Exhibit Exhibit 105 — Document #1, Attachment #15 is from the cyber warfare expert

Exhibit Exhibit 109 — Document #1, Attachment #19 is from Dr. Navid Keshavarz-Nia

Georgia lawsuit:

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