You’ll need a bit of brawn and bravery but no license to heft an ax and throw it on ranges inside Kick Axe Throwing in Gowanus.

Opening in December at 622 Degraw St., the 7,000-square-foot facility will help you channel your inner Paul Bunyan and build up your biceps while tossing its insurance-approved axes at targets.

For the company, founded by Ginger Flesher-Sonnier and Darren Sonnier, this will be its first location in these parts. The owners have plans for DC and are looking in Philadelphia and elsewhere. The duo started out in escape rooms (interactive adventure games) and are now throwing their way across America.

Kick Axe charges $35 per person and has handy “ax-perts” on hand to teach the rules and watch over your moves.

A lane can serve up to a dozen people on two targets, and Kick Axe expects plenty of corporate events and parties for those with or without an ax to grind.

As The Post reported in July, the urge to bring out your inner lumberjack is becoming a growing diversion.

Kick Axe says kids as young as 7 may be allowed to chuck, but only those 5 and up who are supervised may watch — but won’t try this at home, let’s hope.

Michael Cohen and Eddie Mamiye of RKF are taking responsibility for bringing us Kick Axe while the pioneering building owner was represented by Jacob Tzfanya, Brad Cohen, Jon Kamali and Alex Geisinger of Eastern Consolidated.