Call it a triumph for the eye.

A renovation of L’Atelier at 446 Broadway between Grand and Howard streets in Soho has passersby doing a double take as the safety mesh is printed with an exact replica of the cast-iron building.

The trompe l’oeil artwork has been combined with Urban Umbrella’s easy-on-the-eye scaffold to create an inviting and safe street presence.

Urban Umbrella partnered with KPG Funds to pilot the new offering during the building’s remake. Greg Kraut of KPG was inspired by similar construction wraps being used in Europe and Prague.

“This safe and sexy building wrap enhances pedestrian and community experience during a time of unfortunate fatalities in New York City,” Kraut says. “Why should anyone walk by a building and not get pleasure out of it? We were happy to pay a bit more to enhance the overall New York City-Soho experience.”

“It’s a higher-quality netting material” when compared with the standard free safety netting,” Urban Umbrella CEO Benjamin Krall explained. It costs the building an additional $4 to $6 per square foot — around $10,000 — which Kraut dismissed as “nothing” in the overall scheme of building budgets.

The building is getting pre-built office spaces designed by 11FIFTYNINE. It will have a new lobby and landscaped roof.