New York real estate broker Robert Futterman has been fired from his own company following a drug bust in Texas, among other “crazy” behavior, The Post has learned.

Futterman, who sold his firm RKF to BGC Partners and Newmark Knight Frank last year, was terminated “for cause” on Tuesday, a BGC spokeswoman told The Post. The wheeler-dealer, known for big retail leases in Manhattan’s poshest neighborhoods, had been chairman and chief executive of the newly created Newmark RKF.

The firing follows a recent arrest in Texas for both possession of “marihuana” and a controlled substance, according to jail bond records from Tarrant County, which includes Fort Worth.

Futterman, 60, was released April 30 on a $1,500 bond, documents show.

He stopped in Texas on his way to a company meeting in Laguna Beach, Calif., sources said. Upon arriving late to the meeting, he proceeded to interrupt a presentation by company executive Barry Gosin by loudly greeting the room “as if nothing else was going on,” those in attendance say. Other sources say Gosin neglected to mention Newmark had purchased RKF last year, and Futterman stood up to loudly remind them.

“They put him on a charter back to New York, and since then he’s been acting erratically and kind of crazy,” a source added. “The company tried interventions to get him to go to rehab, and he wouldn’t go.”

“Yes, I’m worried about him,” Jesse, Futterman’s 26-year-old son with first wife Marjorie, told The Post.

Futterman and his clothing designer girlfriend, Hollie Watman, split up “around a month ago,” Jesse said, adding that that may have pushed him over the edge.

Futterman has had substance abuse trouble before but this time it’s worse, Jesse said.

“Yes, I’m worried that it is far worse this time,” Jesse said. “I don’t understand what is happening.” The last time Jesse saw his father, Futterman stormed out on him, he said.

“He told me to go f— myself. I’ve never seen him like this before,” Jesse said.

Real estate broker Robert Futterman and his driver, who he says is called "Prince Albert of Nigeria."
Real estate broker Robert Futterman and his driver, who he says is called “Prince Albert of Nigeria.”Robert Futterman

Sources said Futterman, whose brokerage was estimated to be worth between $40 million and $80 million leading up to its 2018 sale, has been texting and e-mailing bizarre messages to people at the company.

Indeed, the broker texted a Post reporter Tuesday with a photo of himself together with his “driver Prince Albert of Nigeria,” wearing a Gulfstream IV hat. In the photo, Futterman’s left arm appears to be in a makeshift bandanna sling.

“Montalk Ocean Retirement Shack!” he texted of the photo, referring to Montauk, the posh beach hamlet at the east end of Long Island.

Other texts to the reporter included the phrase “scoop on,” followed by a winky-face emoji and Futterman’s initials, “RKF.”

“I always keep my word,” he wrote, followed by a cowboy emoji and an emoji with dollar bill eyes and a dollar bill coming out of its mouth.

Futterman did not return requests for an interview. Watman also did not respond to a request for comment.

This bust isn’t his first scrape with the law. In August 2011, he was arrested for driving while intoxicated in Bridgehampton with four children ages 12 to 15, according to Newsday.

He pleaded guilty to aggravated driving while intoxicated, a felony, and DWI, The Observer reported in 2012.