Pretty in pink doesn’t sit right with the Department of Buildings.

The pink sidewalk shed and fuschia lights that illuminate the entrance to the Standard Hotel’s club floor in the Meatpacking District are not kosher, according to city law.

In early January, an Environmental Control Board violation was issued for the pink color.

The rest of the scaffolding that encircles the hotel is painted “hunter green” as is required by an annoying and costly 2013 NYC law as fines range from $800 to $10,000. The lights are also supposed to be white, but no violation was issued for that infraction.

In this case, however, the Department of Buildings inspector issued the violation to the wrong contractor, who knew nothing about it.

A Standard Hotel spokeswoman was unaware of the violation and declined comment.

Ben Krall of Urban Umbrella, who erects different artistic metal scaffolds, says they have had conversations with the city about the color. “Everyone is trying to find a way around it,” he said. “Ours is actually pink in Toronto, and the building owner pays [an additional amount] which allows them to have any color they want.”

Hear that, Mayor de Blasio: Here is another way to raise funds from fines.

The standard penalty associated with a DOB-issued violation for a sidewalk shed that does not meet color specification is $1,250, a spokesman said.

The spokesman also said the only exception to the shed and fence color requirement is when they are part of DOB-approved pilot projects, such as the City Canvas Program.