GREENE Street has become one of the trendiest curbs in town. The one block stretch from Houston south to Prince has an array of the “coolest people from the design and fashion world,” enthused Susan Penzner of Susan Penzner Real Estate, who concentrates in SoHo deals.

The Apple store holds down the northeast corner at Prince. Alessi, the Italian design manufacturer’s representative, opened what Penzner deems “a gorgeous store” at 130 where it serves café au lait in the Joe’s coffee area in the front.

Hugo Boss is at number 134, Phyllis Kind Gallery at 136 and B&B Italia will open soon at 138. On the top floor of that building, Penzer installed Boffi, a new design studio; a photographer; Moss’s office space and Lavin, a French clothing designer. The Paul Smith store holds down 5,000 feet at number 142.

“The street is very, very chic,” she said.

On the Houston Street corner, Aroma café from Israel is open 24 hours and is SoHo’s answer to Starbucks.

Penzner added that the block is,”Everything that SoHo used to be, but better.”